Yay! We're married!!!

the Bonus

Jessi and Evan are superheros. We just wanted to make sure you knew. This image came from Amanda's photo shoot. We were jumping down the stairs, and we found that this would be an amazing action shot.


Jessi's favorite number has always been seventeen. Until we started dating, she hadn't had anything significant ever tied to that number. We started dating on January 17, but we didn't realize it until the next day. So we had our first special 17 date.

Once, we were at Matt Sheppard's house, and he asked what the date was in binary and hex. I answered that 1111 is f, but then he asked about 010111, which is 17 in hex. So now we have another special 17 in our date. :D

1111 Days

January 16, 2014 marks the celebration of being married for 1111 days! As I looked through the website to determine when the 1111th day would be, I found this bonus page, which hadn't been posted before, now it replaces the regsitry page.

the Ring

Evan's ring was custom made by Peter D'Enbeau, Master Jewler/Owner of Soulmates Jewlery. It is made from Jessi's purity ring, turned inside out, and surrounded by the elemental metal Paladium. Worn every day by Jessi and now by Evan, it stands as a reminder of God's blessing and faithfulness.

the Date Hand

Many people incribe their wedding rings with the wedding date. Evan and Jessi don't have to, they can see the date simply looking down at the hand